Our Work



Over half the woodland in Wales is broadleaved and a significant proportion of this is ‘ancient semi natural’ one of our most valuable and extensive habitats. The majority is found on farms and Coed Cymru initially began in 1985 as a campaigning body to advise and support farmers and other landowners to manage their woodlands and increase the value of timber grown in Wales to support economic outcomes across society.

While much has changed in over 30 years, our role has stayed remarkably consistent:

  • A provider of free and impartial help, advice and training
  • To promote co-operation between woodland owners, woodland contractors and timber users
  • To develop timber products and markets to ensure that woodlands have a firm economic base to ensure their continued management
  • To be an advocate for broadleaf woodland in Wales and to act as a catalyst to bring about environmental, economic and social benefits through sustainable woodland management

We achieve this through:

  • Greater use of woodlands for recreation
  • Greater economic and biological diversity the result of sustainable silvicultural systems
  • Optimum use of harvested materials in the local economy
  • Reduced dependence on imported timber products
  • A real understanding of the social, commercial and environmental importance of woodlands in Wales